Georgia Marie Wood (1917 - 2003)

Georgia Marie Wood (1917 - 2003)

2004, 62" w x 62" l

Made from my grandmother's housecoats, Sunday dresses, and golf shirts as a gift for my Aunt Phyllis. In this case I did not follow the architecture of the clothing but based the improvisation on a snow ball pattern or in this case, golf ball pattern, because my grandmother liked to golf.

Georgia Marie Wood liked to golf so much, we flung her ashes onto the 9th hole of the Green Valley Country Club. It was the same place she scattered my granfather's ashes eight years earlier. The 9th was their favorite hole.

They grew up on farms in northern Indiana, lived through the depression, worked hard, retired early to play golf every day and grow pineapples in pots behind their trailer in Florida.

I perceived my grandmother as stern when I was a child. I never noticed the soft, bright, feminine housecoats, golf shirts and Sunday dresses she wrapped herself in.