Michael Christopher Kessler (1982 - 1999)

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Michael Christopher Kessler (1982 - 1999)

2003, 67" w x 67" l

Made with the help of Mary Kessler from her son's cothes and childhood toys. This quilt was composed piece rather than improvised. We chose to create a pattern that was ordered and chaotic, that recalled Michael's love of skate boarding yet representative of the turbulance he experienced from depression during his short life.

Michael Christopher Kessler took his life when he was 17. His mother Mary, brought to my studio, boxes of his clothes, toys and baby quilts from his infancy, childhood and teenage years. She unwrapped karate belts, booted jumpers, stuffed dinosaurs, small t-shirts with zoo animals and monster trucks... but when she uncovered and touched the pair of blue jeans and the short sleeved, plaid shirt he chose to die in we both cried.

Mary is wrapped up in the quilt made from her son's clothing.

Mary Kessler